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Overseeing the Labour Attendance Management System with 3equals

3equals Labour Attendance Management system and solution serve a top-notch solution for your firm that will help you track labour in/out details, shift records, daily attendance, shift rotations as well as leaves. The software has set a benchmark owing to its ease of use, effectiveness, and accuracy.

Why emphasize the labour attendance management system?

We truly understand the pain an organization goes through while maintaining labour attendance. We’re known for providing end-to-end solutions. You will be availed with a practical intentness in coping with large chunks of labour data devoid of any human errors against other manual processes. This, in turn, helps you save both time and money. 

Features of labour attendance management system:

  • Manually affixing in-out punches
  • Help keep a tab on late comings
  • Keep a track on untimely exits
  • Overtime
  • Leave management and holidays
  • Analyze absence to minimize the impact on productivity
  • Manual entry and correction
  •  Easily adapts to existing HR policies
  • Integrated solution
  • Help enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Easily customizable 

Being that said, all this will help minimize HR workload while helping him/her focus on performing other tasks. 

Certain benefits of an efficient labour attendance management system:

  • Terminate payments for unapproved fraudulent overtime
  • Provide self-service accessibility
  • Averts buddy punching and fraudulent time-keeping records
  • Reduces administrative time and workforce management costs
  • Boosts labour productivity
  • Enhances security

Believe it or not, all this will help you a long way to manage data of the labours, hire apt manpower, and manage them effectively using a system and banish inappropriate billing by contractors since all the payments will be made through system generated bill depending on the number of labours. 

Automating and streamlining contract worker’s management processes is the need for an hour and might vary from one organization to another. Our software solution will help you manage and create worker profile followed by personal information, contact details, photograph, access rights and to name a few.

Facilities mainly outsource diverse tasks to varying contractors on the basis of the type of work. Our labour management simplifies creating work orders and assigning them to contractors followed by validity dates. 

Why Us?

3equals labour attendance management solutions are specifically designed for small, medium and large organizations enabling them to look after all their contract worker management processes. This encompasses workforce planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control as well as contract billing synopsis. 

In the end, living up to the statutory requirements is an essential aspect of labour attendance management system.

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