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Enhance the process of the attendance system with the best biometric face recognition machine!

Enhance the process of the attendance system with the best biometric face recognition machine!
With the development of technology, the trend of manual work is completely reduced and the machines are being replaced for all activities. You might have remembered the olden days where people use the long and huge books for the process of attendance registering and hassles in maintaining them. Now the biometric face recognition machine has completely changed the trend.

The face-based attendance system is the face or the fingerprint attendance system that is used to record the presence of the employees or the students in the organization. These are highly used in different areas like offices, industries, banks, construction sites, colleges, schools, educational institutes, hostels, hotels, hospitals, universities, and several others.

This device will scan the biometric or the face within a fraction of a second and record the person. Already there will be the same data in the software. If both of these matches with each other, it will be registered as the presence of the person. At the end of the day, the people present and absent can be easily calculated with the data stored in the face biometrics attendance system.

What is the necessity of the face reader attendance machine?

  • 1 : With the machine, you will be able to measure the unique features in the body like the iris, fingerprint, etc
  • 2 : It is time-saving, so the employees need not need to spend time in recording and saving the data
  • 3 : Much lowered fraud detection with high security
  • 4 : The best accountability to provide high accuracy records
  • 5 : Why should you consider our machines?
  • 6 : It enhances the security and speed in tracking the students or employees’ time and calculates the attendance
  • 7 : It is simple to set up
  • 8 : You can make it convenient and it is also inexpensive
  • 9 : It is possible to have more than 2, 00,000 records and 300 users simultaneously with our face reader attendance machine
  • 10 : Eliminates proxy punching
  • 11 : Best products with less expense and more benefits
  • 12 : Reduction in the manual work of entering the data and data maintenance
  • 13 : Unique Identity Number will be given to the employees specifically
  • 14 : Customizable features
  • 15 : Attractive period of warranty

Unique features of our attendance machines

  • 1 : We offer the machine with different activities like face, card, password, figure access
  • 2 : We offer the longest possible battery capacity
  • 3 : There is professional access control in our machines
  • 4 : There is a free lifetime software license
  • 5 : Communication can be through TCP/IP, USB, WiFi
  • 6 : It helps with the cloud support where the static IP is not necessary
  • 7 : We offer free bulk SMS integration with our face recognition attendance system
  • 8 : Avail the best face reader attendance machine now!

How does it work?

The software needs to be given with the input of the unique identification like the figure print. The employees or the students need to keep the same every day and the software will note the presence if both matches. If it does not match, you will get the alert. This keeps recording each and every person who records their unique identification at a particular time. After reaching the threshold time, it automatically produces the details of the people that match the data loaded previously and the missing people. Thus the attendance can be recorded easily.

It is now the time to purchase your face reader attendance machine!

Have you gone through the facial recognition for attendance that we provide? You might have understood the importance of using them in your organization and the benefits that the machine will offer you. Understanding all such things, it is not right to wait anymore. We are here to offer you the best machine for your attendance recording. Visit us now at 3equals and let us discuss the further process of purchasing the face recognition attendance system for your organization.


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