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It is now the time to automate your attendance system and make the recordings easy!

All the fragments today are getting a prize of the top tier advancements in different aspects. It might be schools, colleges, offices or industries, attendance is the most important thing necessary for the employees and the students are the attendance. Gone are the days where the employees need to sign in the sheet of attendance and a teacher or faculties need to spend time recording the attendance.

Now, everything happens with the help of the software and why not this attendance system? Do you think you need to deal with the old methods to handle the pen and paper, store them for longer, and spend more energy to retrieve the data or cover lots of space? Today, with the advancement of technology, just software will replace all such hassles and the name of it is the biometric fingerprint attendance machine.

3equals is the leading supplier where you will get a high-quality biometric thumb machine. We are the restless pursuit to implement the latest technology available today. This also provides an excellent solution for our customers to record attendance and save them with ease. Being the biometric attendance system suppliers, we help you to deal with all the aspects to record the information of the employees or students on the premises.

Why should you choose our services?

  • 1 : We offer the best biometric attendance machine in Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad and Other Cities of Gujarat to manage the process in a customized manner
  • 2 : You can avail our service in different places in India
  • 3 : We do not compromise with the quality of the biometric machines and so we assure that the machines will 100% high-quality
  • 4 : We also assure that we are the biometric dealers who charge the most reasonable and affordable service
  • 5 : We offer you the best after-sales service, so you can contact us at the time and we are ready to help you
  • 6 : We are one of the top companies who can offer you the machine with the features that you need

Features of the biometric system at 3equals

  • 1 : Time registration: Our biometric punching machine is not only designed to note the presence of the person but will accurately note the time that the person enters and leaves out.
  • 2 : Template capacity: Our biometric attendance system face recognition is available with more than 200 template capacities that help in indicating the number of needle punches that are imprinted.
  • 3 : Backup for the battery: If your company allows the employees to get in and out any time, you should ensure that the machine is working all the time. When you are buying the biometric machines that are connecting to the computer it is fine. Else, if you choose the machine that is wireless and operated in the Wi-Fi, you should ensure the batter performance and our biometric machines are leading in this area.
  • 4 : GPS tracking: These features will be more helpful for drivers or taxi services. This will help the owners to track the employees all the time. Additionally, this is also a way to enhance security as well.
  • 5 : Application support: Today, there is software available for all the activities so the machine should be able to integrate with all such applications. Our biometric attendance system with door access control will offer you such facilities.
  • 6 : Maintenance fee: The maintenance fee is one factor that you might be worried about. The cost of a biometric attendance system and maintenance fee will be less and pocket-friendly.
  • 7 : SMS notification: the feature of SMS alert can be availed based on your needs. This would be helpful for schools and colleges.

Time to avail of the machine now!

Are you now excited to avail and make use of such a high-quality biometric attendance system India? Do not wait anymore! Visit as at 3equals through our site or call us now. As the best biometric vendors, we will reach you soon and you can enjoy the best service to record the attendance of your employees or students!


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