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Improve Staff Productivity with 3equals Attendance Solutions

Improve Staff Productivity with 3equals Attendance Solutions

Time and Attendance software help improvise business rules and staff productivity. Employees are a valuable asset and their time is equally essential that helps fuel further organizational development.

It helps with the following:

  • Help ease the time-consuming regime of processing attendance data
  • Can help with the organizational hierarchical reporting structure 
  • Incorporated with payroll package that makes certain timely payment of salaries

In order to benefit from time-attendance policies, biometric machines for attendance must be hand-picked appropriately. Supervising people’s attendance and timings are very basic, and still the most critical task for any organization. As far as possible, one must overlook underestimating the intricacies of time and attendance owing to the organizational structure, hierarchy, and different operational needs.

3equals provide you a comprehensive Attendance solution that will help enhance your business productivity followed by immediate processing of employee time and effective management of leaves, shifts, and permissions, overtime, monthly or yearly closure, etc,  also facilitating payroll integration. It will also help guard subtle employee information with all-inclusive security layers restricting people in authority to access only relevant employee information in accordance with the organization hierarchy. 

Our Attendance solution is tailored to meet the diverse requirements by providing flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration as well as report generation. We assure you that our attendance solutions will help you manage all facets with simplicity and effectiveness.  You will experience elation when leave, attendance, and payroll are smoothly integrated. This will also help reduce human error and costs.

You’ll be availed with the following benefits:

Track your employees

First and foremost, you won’t ever miss a clock-in as you maintain a track record of your employees. It becomes easy and possible for you to view and scrutinize the attendance of every employee. The best in-time attendance solution and software that will help you with the time-keeping and attendance of your employees devoid of any difficulties. An easy to use dashboard intimates you who is in, late arrivals, absentees, employees on leave, etc. 

Leave management system

Now it’s real-easy to effectively manage the leaves with user-defined leave types, leave rules, balance details, customized- CL, EL, Comp off, and others. 

Helps in generating reports

You can produce customized reports. You will have a better understanding of employee attendance trends with attendance summary reports. You can have a check on the employee absenteeism report. Also, you can keep an eye on late-in or early-out summary, leave reports, and daily, monthly, quarterly or annual attendance reports.

Several branches connected to an individual point

Now it’s possible to manage issues that organizations with several branches encounter while managing employee attendance. Furthermore, multiple software at different locations will not only multiply cost but assembling data consume both time and energy. Offer HR a central management point to administer all these activities in a go. 

Shift management

Now counteract the issues you face when managing employees on shift. Effortlessly interpret the shifts and shift rules and leaves.  We will help you look after your shifts effortlessly and in the least time fraction with our web-based time and attendance software for small, medium and large enterprises.

Conclusion: Did attendance monitoring fail you? Or are you still investing additional time, effort, and energy in maintaining records? Is leave requisition and approval turning into a nightmare? Most companies still maintain excel sheets for manually processing data even after having installed attendance software, like Biometric/RFID devices or access controllers.  Even after having a manual attendance register, you lack the proficiency to manage employee attendance who are on field, site or working on an external project. Take of a single digital platform and automated routine tasks, anchorage self-services and exercise strategic plans to be ahead of your competitors. With an individual source of truth at your fingertips stand out in the crowd. 

You can rely on us! We serve all these solutions incorporated into one ecosystem. 

To get the accurate details of employee’s working hours and to understand the productivity it is beneficial to have an attendance reader machine at your office. We are the best known for the attendance punching machine product dealers in Surat and Ahmedabad.

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