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A Comprehensive Access Control Solution at Your Fingertips

“Secure your business with unswerving access control solutions from 3equals.” Access control is basically a security technique that modulates who can use or view resources in a computing environment. Access control systems carry out authentication, identification, and authorization of users and organizations by assessing essential login credentials that include passwords, PINs, biometric scans, security tokens, etc. Organizations are likely to use varying access control models based on their compliance needs and the security levels of information technology they’re trying to guard.

Vital benefits of access control

It’s wise to capitalize on a technology that shields your employees, site visitors and also contributes to the success of your firm. Of course, employers want their business premises to be open and welcoming. And facilitating staff and visitors to move around the building freely, requires paramount protection against illicit intruders. 

During an emergency situation, the future of your business and people rely on the appropriate functioning of an access control system. An amalgamation of advanced technology, open access, and strict vigilance is what 3quals Access Control solutions are all about.

An overview of our access control solution

3equals access control solutions avail you of a scalable system for any project. Our tremendous portfolio comprises varying access control elements from diverse software options and controllers. Cheers to the scalability of the components, the system expands as per your security needs. This, in turn, enables clients to design supreme access solutions to attain the highest levels of reporting and control. Being one of the leading access control solutions providers, we serve outrageous security to facilities, assets, networks, and resources. Companies all over recognize us for our products/solutions which help them attain substantial profitability. This also facilitates a safe environment and sound management. 

When security and privacy are cardinal, our innovative, modern, and integrated solutions serve:

  • Sturdy multifacet authentication without causing any hindrances to user workflow and productivity.
  • Identity and credential management 
  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)authentication in terms of both logical and physical access (need 2 or more independent combined credentials).
  • Amplified user-experiences across smooth integration and continuous support. 


Our staff works day-in and day-out to combine all-inclusive risk management strategies that cater to present business needs. With the passage of time, businesses have started adapting to the technological advancements to secure all facets of the operations. Hence, our skilled and qualified technicians offer technology-based physical security solutions, along with solutions that shield an institution’s network and data.


The moment you determine that an access control system is apt for you, 3equals professionals will carry out an in-depth evaluation of your facility and devise a comprehensive roadmap that will silhouette your organizational security priorities. 

On the basis of the solution you prefer, an access control system can serve your firm end-to-end authority over your entire business. We provide the best quality of fingerprint access control, realtime access control as well as finger access machine in Ahmedabad. 

As the saying goes, “When you make a sale, you can make a living. But when you make an investment of time coupled with good service, you can make a fortune.”- Jim Rohn

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