Bye Bye Manual Attendance-Welcome Automatic Biometric Software

Gone are the days when HR personnel channel all their energy and resources operating and working around Manual Attendance Systems. 

Manual attendance systems are traditional systems of attendance requiring HR supervision and direction. 

Over the years, these attendance systems have become out-dated and exhausting to use by HR personnel due to their erroneous and slow-paced nature.

In the current times, biometric attendance systems have replaced manual attendance systems, causing a huge sigh of relief for HR personnel. These automated systems are quick, easy to use and simple.

Today, almost all workplaces, irrespective of their size and nature, make use of biometric attendance management systems. 

It is indeed time to say Bye Bye Manual Attendance-Welcome Automatic Biometric Software.

This blog post will show light on what attendance management software systems are?

Why should workplaces install them and the benefits driven from them?

What Is a Biometric Attendance Management System?

Biometric Attendance Management Systems are based on biometric technology that involves determining an individual’s identity depending upon certain physiological characteristics such as fingerprints, retinas, irises, etc. When an organisation installs a biometric attendance management system, employee attendances are recorded via fingerprints for knowing who clock’s in and out of work each day. Investing in a biometric attendance management system solves the problem of pseudo punching as it makes it impossible for employees to punch in for their colleagues.

Why Use Automated Biometric Software For Your Organisation?

  1. Increased Employee Morale

Attendance tracking via attendance management system software makes way for an error-free payroll. When employees do not receive the payment for the work performed by them, they feel unvalued and dissatisfied. A biometric attendance system eliminates all employee worries regarding their remuneration and ensures they receive the pay they deserve.

  1. Attendance Tracking Of Remote Workers

Many organisations have employees working from different geographical locations, making attendance tracking and productivity tracking of such employees a tedious task.

With biometric attendance management systems, these problems vanish, as it helps organisations record the work productivity and attendance of remote workers. Via internet connectivity, biometric attendance management systems keep a track on real-time employee work output and aim at improving performance if the results are not up to date. Further, HR personnel can keep a tab and know whether or not employees are working, keeping employees productive and connected with their workplace.

  1. Accurate

Attendance and time calculation is a tedious job, involving tons of manual calculation that could result in errors and miscalculations. Having foolproof attendance management systems eliminated data forgery or fraud or attendance duplication. The whole process becomes transparent and accurate. Biometric attendance software ensures that employees do not arrive late or leave early as all of the time records are maintained precisely.

  1. Increased ROI

Companies using biometric attendance management systems will always receive increased ROIs. It is done due to the elimination of employee theft, attendance duplication, and several other problems due and loopholes that occur due to manual attendance systems. Manual attendance systems cause businesses to lose tons of money every year. A biometric attendance system is smart, systematic and free of errors, stopping the unnecessary money wastage of companies.

  1. Easy & Safe Option

One of the biggest benefits of attendance management systems is that it is modern, a convenient form of security that involves no passwords, locks, etc. And an integrated modern technology form that is convenient and easy to use. It provides accurate results without user invasiveness. Further, the system gets installed quickly with minimal training required for using them.

  1. Convenient :
    One of the most convenient and secure solutions, biometric attendance systems require no passwords, ID Cards, documents, or badges., letting employees get to work quickly without worrying whether or not they have clocked in.

Biometric Attendance System Gujarat

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Why Invest In 3Equals Biometric Attendance System:

  1. Our attendance management systems come equipped with features such as time registration, GPS tracking, template capacity, SMS notification, etc. Making it a secure and safe system to invest in.
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