Face Reader System: A Must Have For All Offices

Face Reader System: A Must Have For All Offices

A Face Reader or Biometric Face Recognition System is one of the must-have technologies for Offices in 2020.

An alternative to the thumb based biometric system, the Biometric Face Recognition System is a new type of technology that recognizes human faces through technology. Although many government agencies like the FBI have been using this technology for identifying criminals from their database,  in the last few years offices too have started using this technology for employee recognition and attendance. In India, many corporates use the face reader system either for employee recognition and entrance into their offices or as their attendance system.

TO KNOW: The thumb based biometric system was recently suspended in offices owing to CO-VID19. Today, every office corporate or private needs to have a face reader as it is a safer and better alternative.


A face reader is a single machine consisting of a camera and a set of keypads. All you have to do is stand in front of the camera and let the face reader recognize your face and match your face data to the already existing facial data or face templates in the database. Although it sounds simple, this biometrics-based process uses computer algorithms for picking up specific facial details of a person. Example: the distance between your two eyes, the shape of your chin, the birthmark on your face, etc. These features are converted into a mathematical representation and matched to the correct face template on the facial recognition database. The system creates a digital memory of an individual based on an individual‘s unique features. Example: A mole under the chin, a birthmark on the forehead, etc.. These individual specific identities help the system in recognizing individuals correctly. 

TO KNOW: The Face Reader System is called by names like Face Sentiment or Face Analysis and makes use of AI technology.


A Face Reader is based on futuristic technology and is a great support to offices of all kinds. In times of the Coronavirus, installing a face recognition attendance system is very helpful. This system is :

  1. Contactless
  2. Individual specific and does not demand crowd gathering
  3. Fast and secure.

The new face reader even has a temperature check which makes use of thermal imaging for temperature checks.

Corporates always face many security threats and issues. There is always a chance of unknown individuals entering your workplace or for any sort of criminal or unknown activity to take place in your workplace. The Face Reader diminishes these problems and improves corporate securities.

This system allows the entrance of only those individuals whose face templates are stored in the database. It alerts offices in case of a new entry. 

Attendance tracking and payroll generation become simple with the help of a face reader. Employees have to face the facial recognition system either before or after entering the workplace. Once the face detection is completed, their attendance gets marked in the database. This process makes attendance tracking easy and effortless. The management can keep a track of every employee’s attendance through this system.


Our Facial Recognition Attendance Systems can be customized with the features best suited for your workplace and our easily affordable. We provide every employee with a Unique Identity Number and our system database can hold around 2,00,000 records while simultaneously identifying 300 users. Our software guarantees to work smoothly without any disruptions. What makes our Face Reader systems unique is its long-lasting battery life, our lifetime software license which is free of cost!

All communication is done through TC/IP, USB, and WIFI and it helps with cloud support where static IP is not needed.

We also offer Bulk SMS integration with our face recognition attendance systems.

Our attendance system is very easy to set up and helps to reduce manual work like data entrance and data maintenance.

Having a Facial Recognition Attendance System at workplaces not only saves time in recording and saving employee data but also keeps it super secured and lowers fraud attendances at workplaces. It increases efficiency and reduces manual work. With CO-VID19 cases rising to up to the brim, installing the facial based attendance system is not only convenient but a must for every office.