Face Attendance System Correct Alternative During Covid-19 Phase

The infection and death related to COVID-19 across the world are increasing and there is no sign of stopping it. Public places are considered to be the hotspots for the spread of the virus, and this is perhaps the only reason why healthcare professionals from across the world are suggesting people maintain physical distance. Offices, like any other public places, stand out to be the hotbed for the spread, and one needs to understand how the pathogen is transmitted.

The Effectiveness of the Virus

It is still uncertain that for how many days the virus remains active on the infected surface. Experts claim that it can range from a few hours to several days. Well, studies have also found that the effectiveness of the presence might vary on the ground of surface type.

Offices remain the Hotspot for the Virus Spread

The person needs to understand how the spread occurs. The causative agent, novel coronavirus, is transmitted from one place to another via touch. If a person touches an infected surface, then it is going to be transmitted from him/her to another place. At offices, the finger biometric system poses the greatest threat. To stop the spread from surface contact, offices are now relying more on the face attendance system which is contactless and stands out to be safe. In fact, this face biometrics attendance system has become the correct alternative to contain the spread in workplaces during this COVID-19 phase.

Switching to Contactless Biometric System

Many governments have ordered the offices to opt for a contactless biometric system and scrap down the contact biometric like the fingerprint. It is considered to be a great precautionary measure being taken. Apart from this, people are seen suffering from psychological unease because of the scare of the spread.

All these different kinds of biometric systems are the boon of the technology until the outbreak of the coronavirus that turned it to be a bane. Therefore, the researchers are using the technology to get the most advanced form of a contactless biometric system. Face recognition based biometric system has come out to be the best alternative. Touch-based attendance system was once considered to be the advanced form of marking the attendance is now reeling under the threat of extinction. What people have concluded is that any touch-based contact surface is going to prove lethal and the chances of getting in contact with the deadly virus multiply.

The Entire Equation Revolves Around ‘Being Contactless’

Though once humans thought that nothing can beat technology, the outbreak has proved human and technology wrong. The new equation stands out to minimize the contact surface as far as possible. Face biometrics attendance system have somehow addressed the issue. However, according to experts, facial biometric systems are unsafe and hackable. Therefore, this can lead to the employees giving proxy attendance which was not possible in the touch-based biometric system. 

However, technology is surely going to find a way. Perhaps a password to the face recognition time attendance system would ensure that it is operated by the authorized person and the genuine person only gives the attendance. Since biometric is something that cannot be reset, therefore, a provision that includes access of the machine through the phone just before attendance can be a way to prevent proxy attendance (of course not remote access).


It is always better to be on the safer side. Therefore, the management of the offices and companies should stress on ascertaining the safety of the employees amidst all these COVID-19 spreads. Face biometrics attendance system has undoubtedly, for the time being, emerged as the best alternative to ensure productivity without getting any of the people on board infected.