Keep Your Business Out of COVID- 19 Trouble With Non-Contact Biometric Attendance System

We cannot deny the fact that the businesses are the worst hit because of the COVID 19 crisis. Post-COVID, the things came to a grinding halt to contain the virus, but till when would this continue? The businesses are suffering severely and it’s time to resume work for better. Those who dreamt of working from home to avoid the tiring office hours are now worrying as the situation seems to worsen. However, if the offices resume, the biometric attendance system at offices will emerge as the most common worry of most of the people. 

Work from home is turning to a 24/7 schedule, and the noise of the household activities adds to an embarrassing situation during a meeting. So, getting back to the workplace is the need of the hour to work effectively. The first thing you will encounter when you get back to the office is your biometric attendance machine installed right at the entry. Obviously, when you touch the machine, there are prime chances of transmission of the virus on your hands and from you to several others. Here arises the need for a contactless biometric system. 

Offices after COVID crisis 

As everyone prepares themselves to get back to their office for work, there remains a constant query on how would the offices record attendance? Things are not the same anymore, and everybody is careful in preventing exposure to the deadly virus. Would the employees agree to continue to administrate attendance through the biometric machine? Of course, not! Even if a single employee carries the virus and touches the biometric machine, the virus will spread to all the people who use the machine. So, there are high chances that employees will demand a contactless biometric attendance machine. 

The new normal 

For every employee, the biggest worry is the attendance machine at the doorstep that might transmit the virus to them. Work and office hygiene is imperative, post-lockdown, and hence, the need to terminate the biometric system. The fear of the virus within the employees will subside only when the employers replace the biometric with an alternative. After the restart, there is a need for a touchless attendance system. 

Contactless Biometric Attendance Machine 

Organizations are now deploying a non-contact biometric attendance machine. You can search for a biometric attendance machine supplier to install it at your organization. They also supply a non-human touch access control system to contain the spread of the virus in their offices. These systems allow no contact attendance when the employees tap the phone on the access control system or the attendance system. Such contactless attendance systems that work through connected devices are the best method to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the office. Here, mobile phones act as an access card, thereby eradicating the need for plastic access cards that may carry viruses. 

The quest for contactless attendance system 

The biometric attendance machine poses a big risk of exposure to the virus and any infect the entire staff working in the office. Post-unlock, non-contact biometric attendance machines will see an upswing and most of the offices will install them to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. Reports suggest that the sales of these systems will boost up by 20 percent. With the risk that the biometric system poses, one can expect a sudden decline in using such machines. 

Why choose a contactless attendance system? 

Apart from the prime reason to contain the virus, there are many other reasons to choose a non-contact biometric machine. It is reliable and more secure. Also, these machines are available in India. One needs to tap the phone on the access control system to mark the attendance. It is an infection-free attendance system with a tap on the phone.